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GCSE Science Exams

GCSE Science Exams

Marks can be improved for all science exams by following a few points. While most students do okay in the multiple choice sections they loose marks in the questions requiring longer answers.

Make sure you underline and verbs. There is a big difference for example between describe and explain. When you explain you must give reason(s) for your answer.

If a question requiring a written answer is worth more than one mark then make sure you give more than one point.

If the question is worth 3 marks then give at least three points

Example question: Describe the nuclear model of the atom. 3 marks.

Sample answer 1:
Atoms have a central nucleus which contains most of the mass of the atom. 1 point, 1 mark

Sample answer 2:
The atom is composed of a central nucleus containing most of the mass. The nucleus is positive in charge and is made up of protons and neutrons. The nucleus is surrounded by orbiting electrons which are negative in charge. 3 points, 3 marks.